IziCasino, it’s bonus time

xIziPlay has always been a cutting edge online casino compared to other competitors; but this time it really outdid itself and created the mother of all promotions. It is well known that promotions are the daily bread and butter of online casinos and are the mirror for skylarks for players; that attracted by these mega offers they decide to sign up and play at this casino instead of the other one. For this reason the war of bonuses and promotions is always open and everything is legitimate to be able to beat the competitors and bring new customers to your bedside.

The promotion at a glance

Let’s go now to summarize what is the promotion that IziPlay has decided to create, and what flash of genius has given birth to the minds of those who take care of the marketing of this gambling giant. The new formula studied by IziPlay is very simple but at the same time innovative, this because it manages to involve all platforms together, including the online casino of IziPlay. How is this possible? Very simple, by making a sort of sprinkling bonus, which involves all sectors.

30 euro bonus and much more

Let us now get into the specifics of this promotion and try to understand what it is about and how it is articulated. The first thing to look at is certainly what this promotion offers in economic terms. IziPlay, in fact, offers a bonus of 30 euros for those who decide to play on this multifunctional portal on the web. With these 30 euros you can try all the games and win real money.

The period of validity of the promotion

This promotion studied and launched by IziPlay began on 17 September and will end on 22 October. So more than a month to be able to benefit from this which is definitely the most exclusive and most incredible promotion that an online casino has ever proposed to its users. Lovers of online casinos will be able to benefit, therefore, from this 30 euro bonu, but the beauty of this promotion is that IziPlay puts its players in a position to try all the other games on this multi-channel platform; this thanks to the ProvaIZI Bonus Pack.

The ProvaIZI Bonus Pack

The ProvaIZI Bonus Pack is nothing more than the appendix of what is the 30 euro bonus that IziPlay offers to its users, and which we talked about before. In essence, the player who adheres to this bonus, will be able to have in turn 2 euros bonus to bet on sporting events, as much as 2 euros to play bingo online, yet another 2 euros to play tresette, trump or burraco; and to finish a 50 euro freeroll to invest in online poker. Does that seem little to you? Certainly not to us.

But it doesn’t end there

In the IziPlay house, surprises don’t end there. You understand, after all this abundance, it doubles. What does that mean? The package we talked about in the previous paragraph, called the ProvaIZI Bonus Pack, doubles with a simple deposit to your gaming account, whatever the amount you deposit to your gaming account. So in addition to the 30 euros, there will be 5 euros for sports betting, 5 euros for bingo, and 5 euros for tresette, trump or burraco; while the freeroll for online poker will even go as high as 1000 euros.



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